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  • The X12 is a jack of all trades, taking on any short throw sound duty imaginable. The X12 can be flown or mounted for multi-channel, distributed or fill applications but is powerful and rugged enough to be deployed as a stage monitor. Its ellipsoid directivity of 90° x 60° gives...
    95,00 VAT included / day
  • Designed to fully meet the needs of today's DJ, this powerful audio interface is compact and robust, providing your computer with eight high-quality audio inputs and eight outputs and MIDI connection
    30,00 VAT included / day
  • Designed with an integrated system approach to simplify the ever-expanding DJ booth, the DJM-2000 has the effects technology of the EFX-1000 built in. The 6 individual effects processors allow you to create your own unique sounds in conjunction with a stunning industry-first multi-touch panel: a completely new approach to mixing.
    135,00 VAT included / day
  • The DJM-250MK2 has inherited some of the professional features from the popular DJM-900NXS2, such as the Magvel crossfader and Sound Color FX filter. Simple controls, a clear design and 3-band isolators that let you instinctively scratch and mix.
    30,00 VAT included / day
  • The DJM-800 is a powerful 4 channel 96kHz / 24 bit digital mixer that’s complemented by 61 assignable MIDI control channels. It features 'Harmonic Mixing’, a landmark innovation that detects a track’s key and automatically aligns it to the closest true key, removing inaccuracies created when adjusting the pitch.
    98,00 VAT included / day
  • Introducing the DJM-900 nexus, the highest level of creativity for the professional DJ, offering excellent connectivity, updated effects, and high-performance features, making this equipment the hub of any modern professional DJ setup.
    120,00 VAT included / day
  • Take your performance to a new level with the DJM-900NXS2, which features our first 64-bit mixing processor for a warmer, more nuanced sound. We've fine-tuned the EQ curves and fader and improved the FX controls to give you more creative options. Plus, the versatile DJM-900NXS2 has a separate Send /...
    145,00 VAT included / day
  • Enjoy all the possibilities of studio effects and drum machines with professional DJ gear. Including features inherited from our signature effects modules and mixers, such as the DJM-2000's Isolator FX, the DJM-900NXS's X-Pad, and the EFX-1000's multiple FX chaining - all upgraded and united in one Unit.
    110,00 VAT included / day
  • Hire a professional technician to ensure everything runs smothly during your event!
    250,00 VAT included / day
  • Hire a professional technician to ensure everything runs smothly during your event!
    450,00 VAT included / day
  • TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 lets you connect to your music in entirely new ways: Motorized control wheels not only rotate and respond to nudge, scratch, brake and reverse movements - they also transmit insert points, loop markers directly to your fingers and much more.
    90,00 VAT included / day
  • Discover a new way of mixing and playing with TRAKTOR KONTROL S8: a 4-channel standalone mixer, a professional audio interface and enhanced Stems-ready decks; all this gives you the ultimate control over the TRAKTOR PRO 3 software
    90,00 VAT included / day
  • TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 is the controller in charge of managing two virtual turntables in Traktor Pro. We will explore songs, launch hot cues, loops and effects quickly, with absolute precision and without having to touch the computer.
    65,00 VAT included / day
  • TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 is the super-compact 2-channel mixer, controller and audio interface for TRAKTOR DJ and TRAKTOR PRO 2.
    65,00 VAT included / day
  • The XDJ-RX is the perfect combination of two USB players, a 2-channel mixer, and a large dual waveform display. It inherits many of its features from our club-standard setup offering powerful live functions - including Loop Slide - and you can also use it as a stand-alone mixer.
    145,00 VAT included / day
  • The XDJ-RX2 is an update to the popular XDJ-RX, combined with features and features from the flagship NXS2 series. The all-in-one 2-channel system offers a professional DJ experience when connected to rekordbox dj via your laptop or with music stored on a USB device.
    170,00 VAT included / day
  • The XDJ-1000 is the first player to offer a touch screen, an already familiar club design, and a host of professional features.
    90,00 VAT included / day

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